Fiction Writing by Patience Mackarness


Below are links to some of my stories. You’ll find the full list of published work, with comments on how each story came about, on the left of this page.

Flash Fiction

December 2020 – ‘Purple’ in Potato Soup Journal

June 2020 – ‘The Entry, a Crash Course in Scouse’ at Dear Damsels

May 2020 – ‘Beasts’ at Fiction Kitchen Berlin

November 2019 – ‘Before the Arab Spring’ in Lunch Ticket

Short stories

June 2019 – ‘Stone, Water, Fire’ in The Coachella Review

1996 – ‘Mushroom Soup’ in Panurge

Creative nonfiction

December 2020 – ‘Take This Century’ in Love in the Time of Covid: Chronicle of a Pandemic

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I also blog at about the experience of living in France (since 2015) and being semi-nomadic in a camper van. That’s a separate blog – if you want to be alerted to new posts, you will need to click ‘follow’ on that site.

7 thoughts on “Fiction Writing by Patience Mackarness”

  1. Hi Patience, I enjoyed your story in Bandit Fiction. I’ve got a story is Issue2 also. “St Bernard Spoiled the Party”. (might not be your cup of tea!). I’m really impressed with your web page and would love to do something similar. Is there much involved as my IT skills are very basic?

    Continued success with your writing.


    Eamon O’Leary


  2. Hi.
    I just read “Before the Arab Spring.” I found it powerful. Actually, after I read it (and took a couple of seconds to process it), I realized that it is classified as fiction. I thought it was poetry!
    Thank you for this piece.

    Adina Cassal


  3. Hi there 🙂 I enjoyed your story ‘Lost Time’ on Bandit Fiction and was wondering if I might be able to read it out in my podcast for advanced learners of English. Please get in contact if interested. You can listen to the short story ‘Playing with Fire’ on the linked website to get an idea of what I would say in the episode.
    Thank you. Best wishes,


      1. Thank you very much. I’ll send you the link when the episode is up, which should be around the end of July. Best wishes,


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