Writing by Patience Mackarness

Some of my favourite published pieces are below. Click on a title to read.

Flash fiction: And Mary Answered , Before the Arab Spring , Roots , Lost Time , The Dirty Weekend , Bacalhau , Purple , How We Are Formed , Nude Radish Harvest

Liverpool stories: The Entry (a Crash Course in Scouse) , Street Art , Family Planning , Beasts , Stone, Water, Fire (long short story) , Cat Woman 2008 (nonfiction), The Woman Who Knew the Beatles

Short stories: Great Aunt Mavis and the Trees , Mushroom Soup

Wild swimming stories: In the Sky with Diamonds , Breakfast at the Lake

Creative non-fiction: Take This Century , Us , Singing Sisters

Microfiction: After the Funeral , Her Life in Trash

Haibun (flash + haiku): Sea Glass

Other published work: Regional Delicacies , Flanerie , Joy, 1980 , As humans screw up yet again, don’t you just wish Gaia would step in? Euplectella Aspergillum, A Love Story , Geophagia , Awakening , Nothing New (Under the Sun) , BOGOF , The Music Tree , Horseplay , The Voice of God , A Vampire at Noon , The Oldest Profession , Enkidu’s Harlot , For the Ride , Pest Control , A Flick of the Wand