‘Her Life in Trash’ – micro story at KYSO Flash

Knock-Your-Socks-Off (KYSO) Flash publishes an unusual range of prose, poetry and ‘hybrid’ writing forms (haibun, ekphrastic etc), some of which I’d never heard of before! They accepted ‘Her Life in Trash’ following a call for climate change-themed writing. This creative nonfiction piece began life as another of the assignments in Kathy Fish’s Fast Flash workshop.


This girl glued toilet-roll tubes and cotton wool into polar bears on the kitchen table. Turned sick at inner-city alleys heaped with flytipped rubbish and smashed furniture. Nosed in plastic sacks, wiped spaghetti sauce from incriminating mail, Read full story

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A writer, beachcomber and part-time campervan nomad, based in Brittany

One thought on “‘Her Life in Trash’ – micro story at KYSO Flash”

  1. Well done again. ( had to get the dictionary out to figure out what KYSO are looking for)



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